I’ve just adopted a puppy, where do I start?

Congratulations on the arrival of your new puppy in your family!

In addition to the love, attention and time he needs, it’s vital to take care of his health from the time he’s a puppy.

To help you take care of his health right from the start, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to medical care for new puppy owners. Discover key information on the medical needs and veterinary visits required to give your puppy a long and healthy life.


Initial health examination

Your puppy’s initial health examination is essential to assess his overall health. We’ll perform a complete physical examination to ensure that he has normal conformation and no congenital anomalies. This is also the ideal time to discuss feeding, parasite prevention and other preventive care.

In anticipation of this consultation, please feel free to prepare a list of questions and concerns you may have. We’ll be happy to answer them.


Essential vaccinations

At birth, puppies are protected by their maternal immunity. Gradually, during the first few weeks of life, antibodies will diminish significantly. That’s why regular vaccination is essential to protect your puppy against serious diseases.

Vaccination should be carried out every 4 to 6 weeks until a minimum of 16 weeks of age. Depending on your puppy’s breed and environment, we’ll draw up a personalized vaccination schedule.

Basic” vaccines include distemper, canine hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus and rabies.

Then, depending on your lifestyle and that of your dog, other vaccines may be recommended, such as leptospirosis, bordetella (kennel cough) and Lyme disease.

Be sure to take regular booster doses to maintain optimal immunity.


Parasite treatment

Parasite prevention is an essential component of preventive health care for your pet. In fact, young puppies need to be dewormed twice a month until they are 3 months old, then monthly until they are 6 months old. Without good parasite prevention, they may be prone to malabsorption and gastrointestinal problems. What’s more, some parasites can be transmitted to other animals, and even to you.

During your veterinary visits, our team will discuss your pet’s specific risk level and advise you on the appropriate preventive treatments to address both external parasites (fleas and ticks) and internal parasites (heartworms and intestinal worms).


Sterilization or castration

As veterinarians, we generally recommend sterilization to prevent health problems and undesirable behavior in puppies.

Recommendations as to the ideal age for the surgical procedure have changed greatly over the last decade. They mostly depend on the breed and size of the dog when it reaches adulthood.
The larger the dog, the more advantageous it is to wait until after the age of one or two before undergoing sterilization.

All of the previously mentioned services are offered at our clinic. Learn more now



When you welcome a new puppy into your family, it’s essential to consider the financial aspects of its health care. Veterinary expenses can quickly mount up, especially in the case of emergencies or prolonged treatments. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider pet health insurance for your puppy.

When choosing insurance, it’s important to compare the different options available, taking into account the coverage offered, reimbursement limits, possible exclusions and monthly premiums.

Here’s a list of companies that offer different coverages:


As veterinarians, we’re here to advise and guide you towards the best insurance options for your puppy, so that he can benefit from the best medical care throughout his life.



As new puppy owners, it’s essential to understand your puppy’s medical needs in order to provide him with a healthy and happy life.

By working closely with our veterinary team, you can ensure that your puppy receives the medical care he needs, including vaccination, parasite treatment, preventive and curative care. Together, we’ll make sure this new member of your family lives a healthy life.



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